Is there a post office near here? (Reading)

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Jim: Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the nearest post office?
Bill: Yes, of course. Go straight along this street. Turn left at the traffic lights and go straight on then. The post office is on the right, next to the police station.
Jim: Is it far from here?
Bill: It’s quite far from here, about 30 minutes on foot.
Jim: Can I take a bus?
Bill: Of course. You can take a “303” bus and get off at the fifth stop. Post office is in the High Street, opposite the bus stop.
Jim: Is there a bus stop near here?
Bill: Yes, it`s in front of the shopping centre. You can see it from here.
Jim: I understand. Thanks for your help.
Bill: You are welcome.

Jim wants to find the way to the nearest police station.

to the nearest post office